Advanced Gynaecologic Surgery

Date Posted: July 6, 2016

Program Directors:
Dr. Ally Murji MD, MPH, FRCSC
Assistant Professor
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
University of Toronto
Mount Sinai Hospital


Dr. Jonathon Solnik MD, FACOG, FACS
Head of Gynecology & Minimally Invasive Surgery
Associate Professor
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
University of Toronto
Mount Sinai Hospital

Site: Mount Sinai Hospital

Application Deadline: Submit Application Form by August 1 of each year (to start July 1 in the following year)

Please send applications to Debbie Yorke:

At the current time, we are only accepting applications from Canadian-trained graduates.

To All Applicants:

If you have also applied to the U.S match through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), please be advised that the University of Toronto is a participating institution and adheres to the match policy. The policy states that "Applicants who have matched to a program or have accepted a position during the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP), shall not apply for, discuss, interview for, or accept a concurrent year position in another program prior to the NRMP granting the requested waiver." More information is accessible at

Program Information 

Mount Sinai Hospital is offering a 2-year Fellowship in advanced gynecologic surgery.  This training program will give trainees further expertise with the medical and surgical gynecological care of women. The program will also allow the trainee to engage in clinical research in a related area of interest.  We will accept one fellow per year such that at any given time there will be a senior and junior fellow.  Our goal is to train academic surgeons who are committed to advancing the field of gynecological surgery.

Our program in Advanced Pelvic Surgery at Sinai Health System and Women’s College Hospital is a relatively young program that began as a 1-year fellowship in 2016 and has evolved into a 2-year curriculum now consisting of 2 junior fellows and 1 senior fellow. Our goal is to provide our fellows with the knowledge and skills to advanced women’s health, focusing on surgical expertise and academic potential. For this reason, we have expanded the program to allow for further professional growth. Each fellow typically spends 3-4 days per week in the operating room, and 1-2 days in the office or dedicated to protected research time.

They are exposed to a wide range of reproductive pathology as a result of our 7 fellowship-trained faculty who have varying clinical and research interests – which include surgical and non-surgical therapies focusing on deeply infiltrating endometriosis, AUB, uterine fibroids, pelvic pain and neuropelveology (the only site in Canada), low grade reproductive cancers, invasive placentation (greatest number of cases at a single center in Canada), Müllerian anomalies and Pediatric Gynaecology.

There is no shortage of surgical volume – we have two neighbouring sites: Mount Sinai Hospital and Women’s College Hospital (WCH). WCH is the first and only independent, academic ambulatory care hospital in Ontario with a primary focus on the health of women. During the first year, our fellows attend specialty clinics approximately once a week. During the second year, they are given more responsibility and act as independent clinicians, with a fellow clinic that is held twice monthly, and a day in the OR where they are the most responsible person. We are in the process of developing more organized elective time during their second year, tailored to their needs and interest.

The goal of our fellowship is to train leaders and academics in gynecology. We place significant emphasis on protected time for academic activities (masters coursework and research endeavors). In the short time since our fellowship was established, we have seen tremendous growth and development. We are proud of our fellows and their accomplishments. With ongoing guidance and mentorship from our faculty, our fellows have presented and published quality and original research. As a result, they have been recognized nationally and internationally for their work. Our fellows have also engaged in leadership and advocacy work with CanSAGE and SOGC.


Surgical: 2 – 2 ½ days per week will be spent in the operating room. Our Division has six fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons who operate at one of two sites. The fellow will be trained in advanced laparoscopy (laser laparoscopy, treatment of severe endometriosis, uterine/internal-iliac artery clipping, minimally-invasive myomectomy, ovario-salpingo lysis), hysterectomy (TLH, LAVH, VH), advanced hysteroscopy (myomectomy, ablation, resection of symptomatic cesearean section cleft). Opportunities and exposure to the following will be a unique aspect of the program:

  • Participation in surgical management of invasive placentas – at MSH we treat approximately 20 increta/percreta patients
  • Ambulatory procedures – global endometrial ablations, hysteroscopic tubal occlusion, hysteroscopic morcellation

During the senior fellowship year, there will be an emphasis on protected time for academic activities (masters coursework, completion of research projects etc).  The senior fellow may also assist in training residents and other staff in advanced surgical procedures. 

Clinical: Maximum 2 days per week will be spent in a variety of outpatient clinics.

Research and Professional Development: ½ - 1 day per week. The fellow will be expected to complete a research project over the course of the fellowship and present at local, national and international conferences.  Our fellow will also be expected to create at least one video abstract for presentation.  The fellow will be mentored by staff who are trained in clinical epidemiology/research/quality improvement. 

It is expected that the candidate pursue a professional development course/endeavor during the course of the fellowship.  Examples may include: a masters program, certificate course in education or quality improvement.  Pursuing a master’s degree in a field of choice is strongly encouraged, as this will provide the trainee with a solid academic foundation. 


Faculty Members

Faculty for Mt Sinai Fellowship

Current, Incoming and Past Fellows

Current Fellows

  • Ari Sanders (2017-2019)
    Residency – University of Calgary
    Masters in Science System Leadership & Innovation (IHPME, Toronto)
    Upon graduating – return to University of Calgary
  • Andrew Zakhari(2018-2020)
    Residency – McGill University
    Masters in Global Surgery (University in British Columbia)
    Upon graduating – hopes to return to Montreal

Incoming Fellows

  • Wilson Chang (2019-2021)
    Residency – University of Calgary
  • Darl Edwards (2019-2021)
    Residency – University of Toronto

Past Fellows

  • Jessica Papillon-Smith (2016-2018)
    Residency – McGill University
    Completed a Masters in Education (Johns Hopkins University)
    Currently Staff at McGill University
  • Lea Luketic (2016)
    Residency – McMaster University
    Completed a Masters in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (Queens University)
    Currently Staff St. Joseph’s Hospital, McMaster University

Fellows Activities and Awards

Fellows’ Academic Productivity since Fellowship Established (2016)

  • 9 National or International Research Awards
  • 35 presentations at National or International Conferences
  • 16 peer-review publications
    • 7 in journals with impact factor >4.5 (eg. CMAJ, Fertil Steril, Green J)
    • 7 in journals with impact factor 3-4.5 (eg. JMIG, surgical endoscopy)
    • 2 in JOGC


  • Best Video Abstract. Removing IUD in pregnancy. AAGL Hysteroscopy summit (Ari - July 2018)
  • Best Video Abstract. Hysterscopic Repair of Caesarean Scar Isthmocele. Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada – 74th Annual Clinical & Scientific Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. (Ari – June 2018)
  • Best Video Abstract Presentation. Managing the Adherent Bladder at the Time of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecologic Excellence – 2nd Annual Conference. Montreal, (Jessica – September 2017)
  • People’s Choice Award – Best Overall Project. Canadian OBGYN Residents: Are They Ready for Independent Practice? S National Survey of Graduating Residents– 2nd Annual Conference. Montreal QC. (Jessica- September 2017)
  • Top 5 Oral Presentation. Canadian OBGYN Residents: Are They Ready for Independent Practice? S National Survey of Graduating Residents– 2nd Annual Conference. Montreal, QC. (Jessica – September 2017)
  • Best of Three Video Presentation. Vasopressin in Gynecological Procedures. Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada – 73rdAnnual Clinical & Scientific Conference. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.(Jessica – June 2017
  • Best of Three Video Presentation. Cystoscopy In A World Without Indigo Carmine. Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada - 72nd Annual Clinical & Scientific Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Lea – June 2016)
  • Best of Five Video Presentation. Cesaerean Scar Pregnancy. 1st Annual Canadian Symposium on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Lea – April 2016)
  • Best of Three Oral Presentation. Does Ulipristal Acetate Objectively Affect Surgical Experience at Laparoscopy Myomectomy. 1st Annual Canadian Symposium on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Lea – April 2016)
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