Cancer Ablation Therapy Program - Sunnybrook Hospital

Oct 19, 2017
Brachytherapy Suite SunnybrookSunnybrook’s Cancer Ablation Therapy Program harnesses a range of precision therapies to destroy tumours without the need for invasive surgery.

The program has acquired three game-changing radiation technologies that will allow Sunnybrook to provide individualized, precision care to more patients, and conduct leading-edge research to invent the future of health care.

We asked Dr. Eric Leung, who was intrusmental in establishing the protocols for clinical care for the suite, how this new suite will help improve services and the patient experience:

"The MRI Brachytherapy Suite allows patients with locally advanced gynaecological cancers to have state-of-art rapid high-precision brachytherapy treatment. Real-time MR imaging is used during the procedure and for the radiation planning, allowing for more precise delivery of high-dose radiation, improving outcomes and decrease side-effects for patients. As this brachytherapy suite functions as both a procedure room and a radiation treatment bunker, patients can have the applicator insertion, radiation planning and treatment all under general anesthesia in a short time, improving the patient experience." 




Sunnybrook is the first in Canada to have this trio of highly specialized cancer ablation therapy machines.




These precise machines will help change the way we target tumours and expand our individualized, patient-centred approach.




Our researchers will help perfect the way these machines are used to treat patients in the best and safest ways possible.

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