Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Other Awards

Carl Nimrod Award

The Carol Nimrod Award recognize excellence, commmittment, innovation, and leadership in teaching knowledge, attitudes, and skills to the next generation of practitioners. 

Award winners are:  Michele Farrugia (2018), Melanie Ornstein (2017), Donna Steele (2016), Filomena Meffe (2015), Modupe Tunde-Byass (2014), Guylaine Lefebvre (2013), Janet Bodley (2012), Mark Yudin (2011), John Kingdom (2010)


McArthur Scholar Award

Excellence in Research 

Award winners are: Nir Melamed (2018), Sarah Ferguson (2016)


Dr. Matthew Morton Award

Excellence in Education

Award winners are: Deborah Robertson (2018), Dini Hui (2016)


Doug Cannell Award

Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Education

Award winners are: Paul Bernstein (2016)