Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Vision & Goals

The vision of the Southern Ontario Obstetrical Network is to become an international leader in research, best practice and advocacy in women’s and infants’ health by leveraging the collective power of a collaborative approach.


The Southern Ontario Obstetrical Network’s goals are:

  • Improve quality and standards of care: we will create and implement shared standards and guidelines to improve patient-centred quality of care and, ultimately, the longitudinal health of women and babies across the region with important world-wide implications;
  • Conduct collaborative, multi-site clinical research: we will design and conduct novel randomized controlled studies as well as studies that will leverage existing databases such as BORN, ICES, CNN;
  • Develop a shared advocacy: we will advocate on behalf of women and babies in Ontario to influence policy here and worldwide;
  • Promote knowledge sharing: we will foster professional and practice development among all members.