John Kingdom

John Kingdom MD, FRCSC
Department Chair and Staff Obstetrician and Clinician-Scientist
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
John Kingdom
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Toronto
Appointment Status Primary
Clinical Interests
Placental complications of pregnancy, Pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, stillbirth, invasive placentation, complex obstetric surgery
Research Interests
Placental dysfunction disorders, placenta percreta, Maternal Hemodynamics in Hypertension, Angiogenic Growth Factor optimization of decision-making in Obstetrics, Advanced Obstetric Imaging, MRI in pregnancy, non-anticoagulant actions of Heparin

Dr. Kingdom established and co-directed the Placenta Program with his colleague Dr. Rory Windrim in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division at Mount Sinai Hospital, since 1999. This is an interdisciplinary clinical-research program, supporting basic, translational and clinical research in all aspects of Placental diseases. His research is currently funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (since 2003), the National Institutes of Health, USA, the Alva Foundation, Canada and several grateful donors. He has previously been funded by the Ontario Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation and the Alternate Funding Plan Innovation Fund of Mount Sinai Hospital-University Health Network. In addition to his research interests, Dr. Kingdom has a focus on junior faculty membership and career development.


Medical School: Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (1984)

Residency in Pediatrics: University of Glasgow, Scotland (-1987)

Residency in Obstetrics & Gynaecology: University of Glasgow, Scotland (-1994)

Clinician Investigator Program (MRC, UK): University of Glasgow, Scotland, (1990-1992)

Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine: University College London, England (-1995)

Castellucci Prize, European Placenta Group (1997)

Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics & MFM: University College Hospital, London, England (-1998)

Staff MFM Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada (-present)

Inaugural Rose Torno Chair in OBGYN, Mount Sinai Hospital (2005-2016)

Professor of OBGYN, University of Toronto, Canada (2005-present)

President, Perinatal Research Society (2011)

Head, Division of MFM, University of Toronto, Canada (2012-2013)

Chair, Department of OBGYN, University of Toronto (2013-present)

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Dr. Kingdom's research may be viewed at j* and pregnancy)