Stefania Ronzoni

Stefania Ronzoni MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Headshot of Dr. Ronzoni
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Appointment Status Primary

Dr. Ronzoni is currently on staff at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Her research involves the study of non-invasive precocious markers of infection in pregnancy complicated by preterm birth.  She successfully obtained a translational research grant to study the maternal endotoxin concentration in peripheral blood, and other inflammatory biomarkers, for the prediction of the latency period to delivery in women with preterm premature rupture membranes. Moreover, Dr. Ronzoni is involved in the study of prenatal screening and prevention of obstetrical adverse outcomes such as preeclampsia and preterm birth. Finally, Dr. Ronzoni is also interested in education in ultrasound and she coordinated a project of innovative learning based on the use of an ultrasound obstetrical simulator for OBGYN residents. This training approach has now been formally embedded into the University of Toronto residency training curriculum.