CREMS Summer Student Wins Research Award with Urogynaecology Project

Feb 28, 2020

MD Student standing in front of their winning posterZi Ying (Eliya) Zhao, third-year medical student at UofT, with her award-winning poster. On February 25th, the University of Toronto's MD Program hosted their annual Research Day event, showcasing a number of amazing projects completed by trainees, including one such student that won an award for the best CREMS Summer Student poster. Zi Ying (Eliya) Zhao is a third-year medical student at UofT who worked with ObGyn resident Dr. Anouk Benseler and Assistant Professor Dr. Colleen McDermott on the winning project entitled "Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Urodynamic Testing in Women: A Systematic Review".

Eliya, who was a CREMS Summer Student with the Department in 2019, was being supervised by Dr. McDermott while working on this research project in the division of urogynaecology. The project was a systematic review on antibiotic prophylaxis after urodynamic testing in women and, now that the study has been completed, the team will soon be submitting the manuscript for publishing. They have also submitted the abstract to the ObGyn Department's Research Day in May 2020.

"We are very proud to have had Eliya work in our department and achieve so much in such a short period of time!" said Dr. McDermott.

CREMS Summer Research Program provides opportunities each year for medical students enrolled at the University of Toronto to participate in a full-time, 10 to 12 week summer research project between their first and second year, or second and third year of medical school, under the supervision of a faculty mentor.


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