Faculty Build Connections at Annual Fetoscopy Meeting

Aug 13, 2019
Fetoscopy Society group photo

Fetoscopy Meeting Attendees at Niagara FallsIn June, the 41st Annual Fetoscopy Meeting was hosted by Dr. David Chitayat (Professor, Cross-Appointed with Paediatrics, Molecular Genetics and Laboratory Medicine and Pathophysiology) at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This interdisciplinary international consortium brings together a group of eminent researchers and clinicians in the field of fetal medicine, fertility, prenatal diagnosis and medical genetics. Different members of the department, including Drs. David Chitayat, Greg Ryan (Professor), Rory Windrim (Professor), and Tim Van Mieghem (Associate Professor), participated in the symposium and presented their research findings, thereby disseminating the work done at the Ontario Fetal Center. They were joined in their presentations by other UofT faculty, such as Dr. Edmond Kelly from Paediatrics. Presentations covered many topics in prenatal diagnosis, medical genetics, open fetal surgery for spina bifida and fetoscopic procedures for twin-twin transfusion syndrome.

Besides a very active scientific program, this meeting is renowned for its social activities, including this year's visit to Niagara Falls, a spectacular jet boat ride on the Niagara rapids, and dinner in a Niagara vineyard, which were great opportunities to build new connections and initiate new research collaborations.

The meeting was highly appreciated by all participants and was a unique event for our department to showcase our top-notch research, our welcoming and open-minded work environment, as well as our beautiful country!


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