How to Make Coaching in CBME/CBD Practical and Meaningful

Nov 27, 2019

Image of Dr. Bodley's first presentation slideAt the past Faculty Professional Development Day, Dr. Janet Bodley (Associate Professor) presented a workshop entitled "Coaching in CBME/CBD: Let’s make it practical and meaningful". This workshop highlighted the important role of coaching for ObGyn trainees to assist with Competency-by-Design (CBD) and completion of EPA’s and other in-training assessments.

Written by: Dr. Janet Bodley

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has created a CBD coaching model that highlights both coaching in the moment and coaching over time. We also reviewed the Wisconsin Surgical Coaching framework which describes the interaction of the content of coaching and the activities of coaching. In our roles as clinical teachers we are often already coaching and performing workplace-based assessments. We had an opportunity to understand how to use coaching more specifically to help learners identify their learning goals and objectives, relating these to CBD milestones, EPA’s and competencies. We looked at small changes that faculty can incorporate in order to enhance coaching in ObGyn training and applied this to specific foundations of discipline ObGyn EPA’s.

Click here to see the slide summary

Click here to see the CBD Coaching Model handout from the Royal College

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