Other Awards

Carl Nimrod Award

The Carol Nimrod Award recognize excellence, commmittment, innovation, and leadership in teaching knowledge, attitudes, and skills to the next generation of practitioners. 

Award winners are:  Michele Farrugia (2018), Melanie Ornstein (2017), Donna Steele (2016), Filomena Meffe (2015), Modupe Tunde-Byass (2014), Guylaine Lefebvre (2013), Janet Bodley (2012), Mark Yudin (2011), John Kingdom (2010)


McArthur Scholar Award

Excellence in Research 

Award winners are: Nir Melamed (2018), Sarah Ferguson (2016)


Dr. Matthew Morton Award

Excellence in Education

Award winners are: Deborah Robertson (2018), Dini Hui (2016)


Doug Cannell Award

Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Education

Award winners are: Paul Bernstein (2016)