We continue to support our graduates beyond graduation and encourage alumni participation in all aspects of the Department! 

Dr. Adrian Brown, Head of Alumni Relations, has been working closely with Julie Lafford from the FOM’s Office of Advancement to improve alumni participation and engagement following graduation. One of this year’s initiatives was inviting past graduates to our annual Graduation Ceremony. Another event which we opened up to our alumni is the Faculty Professional Development Day, where our alumni who've graduated in 1994 or later, received a special invitation to attend, marking it the 20th anniversary since completing their training. Thirteen alumni attended the FPDD this year, and we anticipate the number to grow!

Mentoring Program

One of the other initiatives to improve alumni participation within our Department is initiating a Mentoring Program. Such a program will offer alumni an opportunity to share their expertise with upcoming physicians, at all stages of their career and training, including residents, fellows, and junior faculty. The expected roll-out period of a pilot Mentoring Program is September, 2017. If you have any expertise or would like to offer advice on how to go about setting this up, drop a line to Filomena Meffe at

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Updating your contact information on the UofT Alumni website will help ensure that our Department and the University can connect with you after you graduate. If your electronic, mailing or practice addresses have changed, please update you contact details at

For more information about Alumni Relations, how to stay connected, get involved, or give back, visit: