Teaching Awards

The following awards are presented to faculty members with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Undergraduate Teaching Awards 

The Undergraduate Teaching Awards are awarded in recognition for contributions of our faculty to the Undergraduate Education Program delivered at our affiliated sites across the GTA. The recipients - one per each teaching site with the exception of the MSH/UHN - are selected based on the Year Three Clinical Clerks' evaluations of their core rotation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for the previous academic year. Nominations are not accepted for this award. 


2020 aWARD WINNER(s)


Credit Valley Hospital Tomer Feigenberg Carol Wade (2019), Scott Tigert (2018), Amanda Cipolla (2017), Kerry Myckan (2016), Carol Wade (2015), Scott Tigert (2014)  
Mississauga Hospital Kendra Newell Peter Scheufler (2019), Ronnie Hakim (2018), Dalip Bhangu (2017), Peter Scheufler (2016), Kelly Chu (2015), Patrick Lao (2014)  
Mount Sinai Hospital

Sebastian Hobson & Michelle Jacobson 

Amanda Selk & Mara Sobel (2019), Rachel Spitzer & Dan Farine (2018), Ally Murji & Lindsay Shirreff (2017), Mara Sobel & Rohan D'Souza (2016), Elyse Levinsky & Michael Sved (2015), Matthew Morton (2014), Marcus Bernardini (2014), Michelle Farrugia (2013), Nanette Okun (2013), Fred Engle (2012), Johannes Keunen (2012), Jason Dodge (2011), Rory Windrim (2011), Paul Bernstein (2010), Danny Lovatsis (2010)

North York General Hospital Karthika Devarajan  Daniel Keichman (2019), Elad Mei-Dan (2018), Lynne Zolis (2017), Nicholas Shilletto (2016), Karthika Devarajan (2015), Modupe Tunde-Byass (2014), Lynne Zolis (2013), Jeremy Wong (2012), Sabrina Lee (2011), Modupe Tunde-Byass (2010)  
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre  Louise-Helene Gagnon Nir Melamed (2019), Richard Pittini (2018), Dini Hui (2017), Nir Melamed (2016), Janet Bodley (2015), Elaine Herer (2014), Dini Hui (2013), Grace Liu (2012), Richard Pittini (2011), Arthur Zaltz (2010)  
St. Michael's Hospital Dana Soroka Mark Yudin (2019), Rajiv Shah (2018), Eva Mocraski (2017), Abheha Satkunaratnam (2016), Adelmo Martoglio (2015), Tatiana Freire-Lizama (2014), Rajiv Shah (2013), Filomena Meffe (2012), Tatiana Freire-Lizama (2011), Adelmo Martoglio (2010)  

St. Joseph's Health Centre

Lauren Jain  Paul Davies (2019), Brian Liu (2018), Clarissa Bambao (2017), Melanie Caetano (2016), Alice Pham (2015), Sybil Judah (2014), Beata Grygowski (2013), Suzanne Wong (2012), Sybil Judah (2011), Artin Ternamian (2010)  
Michael Garron Hospital Tara MacLeod Helena Frecker (2019), Melissa Tai (2018), Anjali Aggarwal (2017), Melanie Ornstein (2016), Roberta Mackenzie (2015), Melissa Tai (2014), Maja Gans (2013), Melanie Ornstein (2012), Tara MacLeod (2011), Maja Gans (2010)  
The Scarborough Hospital   Ambika Aneja (2018), Haidar Mahmoud (2017), Jing Qin (2016)  
Brampton Civic Hospital   Kiran Sahi (2019), Quynh Le (2018), Kiran Sahi (2017)  
Etobicoke General Hospital Eve Fried Koo Chun (2019), Miriam Ang (2018), Rebecca Cash (2017)  

Master Teacher Awards

The Master Teacher Awards are presented to faculty in recognition for sustained excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and longstanding contributions to the Education Program. They are given to faculty who have received three (3) undergraduate teaching awards and are a powerful statement of sustained teaching excellence. Nominations are not accepted for the Master Teacher Award. 


Year Award Winner(s)
2018 Mark Yudin
2017 Melissa Tai, Richard Pittini
2016 Melanie Ornstein
2015 Adelmo Martoglio, Michael Sved
2014 Sybil Judah, Tatiana Freire-Lizama, Modupe Tunde-Byass
2013 Maja Gans
2012 Grace Liu, Filomena Meffe, Suzanne Wong
2011 Jason Dodge, Rory Windrim
2010 Mary Melchior, Paul Bernstein, Jackie Thomas, Artin Ternamian

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada's (SOGC) Carl Nimrod Award

The Carol Nimrod Award recognizes excellence, commitment, innovation, and leadership in teaching knowledge, attitudes, and skills to the next generation of practitioners. This award is presented once a year by the SOGC.

Year Winner(s)  
2020 Danielle Vicus  
2019 Ally Murji  
2018 Michèle Farrugia  
2017 Melanie Ornstein  
2016 Donna Steele  
2015 Filomena Meffe  
2014 Modupe Tunde-Byass  
2013 Guylaine Lefebvre  
2012 Janet Bodley  
2011 Mark Yudin  
2010 John Kingdom  

Matthew Morton Award

Dr. Matthew Morton, MD FRCSC (1976-2015) was a graduate of the University of Toronto residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2007. He subsequently undertook a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital and enrolled in the Masters of Education program at OISE with a focus on surgical education. Matthew joined the faculty at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2010 as an Assistant Professor in the role of clinician educator and MD program site lead in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. He combined these responsibilities with an active role as a Surgeon Educator to our residency program. He was a gifted teacher, who displayed much skill, passion for his surgery, and patience. We sadly lost Matthew in 2015.

In memory of Dr. Morton’s career, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, along with a contribution by the UT06 Medical School instituted this award which commenced in 2016. It will be given out every two years at Faculty Development Day to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in undergraduate education.

Year Winner(s)
2018 Deborah Robertson
2016 Dini Hui

Doug Cannell Award

Dr. Doug Cannell was the Chair of the ObGyn Department from 1950 to 1965. The Cannell Lecture is presented every December at the SOGC Annual Meeting. This award is presented to an individual who demonstrates a sustained excellence in postgraduate education.

Year Winner(s)
2016 Paul Bernstein