Faculty Represent UofT at Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society’s Annual Meeting

Former CFAS president Dr. Cliff Librach (right) and incoming president Eileen McMahon (left)
Oct 24 / 2019

UofT Placenta Percreta Team Featured in the New England Journal of Medicine

On behalf of the UofT Placenta Percreta Team, Drs. Ally Murji (Assistant Professor) and John Kingdom (Chair of ObGyn) published the ultrasound and cystoscopy findings of a rare case of placenta percreta invading the bladder in the August 15th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. 
Oct 17 / 2019

Study on Breast Cancer Risk of Menopausal HT Requires Further Research

Dr. Wendy Wolfman, Professor with UofT ObGyn
Oct 15 / 2019

Professor Becomes First Woman to be Presented with CFAS Award in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Greenblatt (centre) with colleagues at the CFAS event.
Oct 3 / 2019