Assistant Professor Becomes First Elected President of Canadian Society of Pelvic Medicine

Faculty members with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Toronto are well known both nationally and internationally for taking on leadership roles in their field. One member who recently took a new leadership role is Assistant Professor Dr. Colleen McDermott, who was the first elected president of the Canadian Society of Pelvic Medicine (CSPM).
Feb 11 / 2020

Department Welcomes Residency Candidates to CaRMS

Last week, our Department welcomed more than 60 medical school graduates from across Canada and the world to our CaRMS interviews! These eager candidates competed for a spot in the Department's newest group of residents for the upcoming year.
Feb 1 / 2020

Assistant Professor Leads Study on Women with Spinal Cord Injuries and Pregnancy

Dr. Anne Berndl, lead of the SCI-UP Registry
Jan 14 / 2020

Assistant Professor Awarded SOGC Carl Nimrod Educator Award

Dr. John Kingdom (left) presents Dr. Ally Murji (right) with the Carl Nimrod Educator Award.
Jan 9 / 2020