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Our offices are currently closed due to the pandemic!
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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Temerty Faculty of Medicine · University of Toronto 
Suite 1200
123 Edward Street
Toronto, Ont.  M5G 1E2


Phone: (416) 978-2216

Hours of Operation: 
Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

How can I get in contact with a physician?

· Please note that as an academic department of the University of Toronto, we provide training for new obstetrician-gynaecologists and subspecialists.
· We are not a medical clinic, and there are no clinical services provided on our premises.
· We do not book clinical appointments with physicians, and we are unable to provide contact information for our faculty members or trainees.
· You should contact individual obstetrician-gynaecologists through their associated hospital or clinic.
· We are also unable to recommend or provide referrals for obstetrician-gynaecologists. Your family physician or a walk-in clinic can help you with this.

How do I obtain a training verification?

You can request training verification for an alumni member of our Department through our Training Verification webpage.

Department Office


Dr. John Kingdom Chair
Salvo Candela Business Manager (416) 978-8351
Zlatan Ramusović

Academic and Data Coordinator

(416) 978-4249

Kyla Rudyk-de Leth Interim Communications Coordinator (416) 978-2668
Erin Morris Departmental Assistant (416) 978-2216


Dr. Richard Pittini Vice Chair, Education
Dr. Rory Windrim Director, Continuing Professional Development
& Knowledge Translation
Dr. Suzanne Wong Director, Faculty Professional Development

Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Dini Hui Director,
Undergraduate Medical Education 
Dr. Melanie Ornstein Associate Director,
Undergraduate Medical Education 
Jeannette Moniz Undergraduate Program Coordinator (416) 946-0305

Residency Program

Dr. Michèle Farrugia Director, Residency Program
Dr. Janet Bodley Associate Director, Residency Program
Jill Tomac Residency Program Officer (416) 978-6830

Jordan Crawford Residency Program Assistant (416) 978-8352

Fellowship Programs

 Joseph George

Program Administrator,
Fellowships and Global Health

(416) 946-0306


Dr. Kellie Murphy Vice Chair, Research

Dr. Theodore Brown Chair, Research Day

Global Women's Health and Advocacy

Dr. Rachel Spitzer

Vice Chair,
Global Women's Health and Advocacy 
Joseph George Program Administrator,
Fellowships and Global Health
(416) 946-0306

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Dr. Lisa Allen Vice Chair, QuIPS, Gynaecology
Dr. Nanette Okun Vice Chair, QuIPS, Obstetrics

For general inquiries, please contact us at