Faculty Professional Development Day

2017 Faculty Professional Development Day 

The agenda for the 2017 Faculty Professional Development Day is currently being finalized and will be posted when it is complete. Once it is posted we will also open the registration page to register online. Please check back soon for more information.


2016 Faculty Professional Development Day 

The theme of the 2016 Faculty Professional Development Day was Faculty Mentorship and Wellness. This event took place November 11, 2016 at Vaughan Estates and was attended by 100 faculty members. The program goal was to encourage faculty mentorship and wellness by presenting current knowledge, skills and strategies on the effective management of stress related to clinically challenging events, the achievement of desired career goals through genuine mentorship support, and the development of a sense of personal fulfillment and meaning in ones work and life.

The program objectives were to:

  1. Describe skills to improve mental readiness and achieve peak performance in medical practice.
  2. Use intentional role-modelling to support the competency by design framework.
  3. Apply principles of mindfulness to enhance professional practice and personal well-being.
  4. Explain ways to manage stress brought on by patient harm and medico-legal difficulties.
  5. Identify principles of establishing a mentorship program in the department.
  6. Examine impact of sleep loss on health and patient care, and sleep loss compensation.
  7. Identify late career transition phenomenon and how stakeholders can take action for success.
  8. Discuss effective mentorship, for mentors and mentees, in clinical and research spheres.
  9. Discuss the ethics of research authorship.
  10. Define “success” in academic medicine and how faculty can “thrive” in the academic culture.

The day featured a series of lectures and interactive small group sessions that focused on topics that align with this year’s theme, faculty mentorship and wellness.


Small Group Sessions:

Dr. Ted Bober and Dr Joy Albuquerque from the Ontario Medical Association provided the group session on “Peak Performance- Staying on top of our Game.” This session explored the specifics of peak performance training and mental readiness that can be used in the many demanding situations in medicine, such as executing difficult procedures, or managing complex patients.

Dr. Janet Bodley provided the session “Role Modelling: Actions Speak Louder than Words! Enhancing the Use of Intentional Role Modelling in Teaching and Learning.” This session focused on raising awareness of positive role modelling and the practice of making role modelling explicit and intentional as a tool in both teaching and learning. 

Dr. Steven Selchen delivered the session “The Mindful Ob/Gyn: Using Mindfulness in Life and Medical Practice” which explored what mindfulness is, and how to use principles from mindfulness to improve personal wellbeing and enhance professional effectiveness.

Dr. Tino Piscione provided the session “When things go wrong” what are our obligations to the patient, and to ourselves?” This session described the medical-legal pitfalls of disclosing healthcare-related harm, a physician’s professional obligations to disclose healthcare-related harm to patients and outlined an action plan to manage stress brought on by patient harm and medical-legal difficulties.

Dr. Robin Richards gave a presentation entitled “Late Career Transition – What, Why and How?” which focused on late career transition for surgeons. The phenomenon of late career transition was discussed and the parameters of successful transition were defined with an emphasized need for an individual approach.

Dr. Karen Leslie provided the session on “Mentorship Essentials” which introduced participants to key roles and skills for mentors and mentees within informal and formal mentorship relationships. This session described the ways that mentors and mentees can contribute to effective mentoring processes and outcomes.

Dr. Ted Brown provided the session entitled “Supervising and Mentoring Graduate Research Trainees: How to Foster a Working Knowledge of Research.” This presentation highlighted considerations for seeking cross appointment to the School of Graduate Studies by outlining what is involved in the process and highlighted the major types of mentorship and attributes of an effective research supervisor and mentor.


“Unconference” participant led Sessions:

Dr Janet Bodley and Dr Karen Leslie provided the unconference session “Establishing a formal mentorship program in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: is it one size fits all?” This open forum explored the principles of establishing a mentorship program and discussed how different approaches to mentorship might be incorporated into our department.

Dr. Tino Piscione provided the unconference session on “Staying out of trouble (when you’re in trouble)” which described the processes involved when a physician is named in a college, hospital or legal matter, and outlined how physicians can mitigate their risk of an unfavorable medical-legal decision.

Dr. Ted Brown provided the unconference session “Trials and Tribulations of Authorship” which discussed strategies to determine authorship and foster ethical practice and intercollegiality.


Dr. Brian Murray, board certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine, delivered the plenary lecture entitled “Sleep: Your Health and Clinical Practice.” This lecture addressed the basic principles of sleep physiology, the effects of sleep loss on health and the impact it has on patient care. Additionally Dr. Murray highlighted strategies to compensate for sleep loss.

The keynote lecture entitled “Thriving in Academic Medicine” was given by Dr. Karen Leslie, director of the Centre for faculty development. This lecture identified how faculty can thrive in the academic culture, defined academic identity within one’s own practice setting and covered various conceptions of success within academic medicine.

An awards ceremony followed these sessions where select faculty received Master Teacher Awards, Undergraduate Teaching Awards, and Chair’s Awards.

Thank you to all those who participated! The event was a great success. 


Agenda Biographies Breakdowns
Agenda Biographies Breakdowns

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